What is the Biblical Basis for Liberty Savard Life Coaching?
In Matthew 16:19, Jesus said, ‘I will give to you the Keys of the Kingdom; whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” This verse is saying that whatever you bind and loose in prayer on earth (if it has already been established as being bound and loosed in heaven according to God’s will), it will be manifested on earth. These Keys help struggling Christians pray and align themselves to God’s will while loosing and cutting away mental and emotional baggage from their souls. You do not need to know what God’s will is in a given situation and you do not need to identify the specific baggage and bondage that you want to get rid of. You just need to pray and watch as things begin to happen.

If tigers are chasing you, you do not need to know what species of tigers are after you or even why they are after you—you just need to get to Someone who can protect you from them. If you find leeches on your ankles after walking in a swampy field, you do not need to know what kind of leeches they are or how they attached themselves to you. You just need to know how to get them off!

Liberty Savard, your Life Coach, will help you understand how to have a renewed mind, a surrendered will, and healed emotions so that you can experience everything God wants you to have. Read the testimonies from many confirming their victories from using this message and read Liberty’s teaching newsletters on www.libertysavard.com. You have found the Hidden Treasure which is a Module One collection of DVDs (4). Congratulations! Listen to samples of her teachings or download her eBooks on www.libertysavard2u.com. Write Liberty at coach@libertysavardlifecoach.com and ask further questions.

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