How Can You Benefit from Christian Life Coaching?
There is tremendous power in right agreement. Liberty Savard Life Coaching can help you learn how to:

  • Begin making powerful right agreements with God, His Word, and His principles
  • Begin making the best possible choices to bring good consequences into your life
  • Begin changing old patterns of making wrong agreements and wrong choices
  • Begin changing and reversing the bad consequences you’ve already been reaping

Change can seem difficult. Your Life Coach, Liberty, gives you someone to trust and talk to, to draw encouragement from, and who will speak positive suggestions into your life to help you transition through positive change which will begin with the following three steps:

  • Step One: Acknowledge that you are discouraged and disappointed with where you are in life!
  • Step Two: Recognize that there is a better way to live!
  • Step Three: Believe that there is a way for you to get to that better way of life!

Liberty's Missions Statement as Your Life Coach
God has already given you many gifts, skills, and answers to help you move forward towards a more fulfilling relationship with Him, with others, and your future. My job as your Life Coach is to help you:

  1. Realize the power of God’s love toward you.
  2. Recognize those skills, resources, and creativity that God has already given you.
  3. Recognize how to best use His Word and the binding and loosing prayers to uncover and activate those gifts.
  4. Realize how to work together with Him in this process.
  5. Trust the gifts He has already given to you and expect the ones He still wants to give you.
  6. Begin to implement all of the above in your life.
  7. Be confident that I believe in you and your purpose!


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