What Liberty Savard Will Do to Help You Take That Next Step!!
I will be offering you 38 years of Christian experience and approximately 25 years of worldwide speaking ministry, prayer ministry, teacher training, scriptural research, and book writing to help you seek forward direction in your life. I will help you find answers to your questions, guide you through your Christian expectations, encourage you to make changes for the better, and help you refine your destiny hopes.

The Bible tells us to seek the counsel of other Christians. My Life Coaching and encouragement for you will be based upon God’s Word and upon the Keys of the Kingdom prayer principles that Jesus promised to us in Matthew 16:19): Jesus said, I will give you the Keys of the Kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (NIV). We will agree in prayer to bind your will to God’s will to stabilize and steady you, bind your mind to the mind of Christ so you will know His thoughts toward you, and bind your emotions to the healing balance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. We will agree in prayer to loose wrong beliefs that have been holding you back, loose the effects of wrong agreements you have made and believed, and loose the works of the enemy from your life (as Jesus did in 1 John 3:8).

You will have someone you can trust, someone who will listen to your heart and ask life-changing questions—someone who will care about exploring YOUR options. Do you want to believe that you deserve more out of life and that you can have the peace and joy that Jesus promises and the adventure of cooperating with God’s glorious plans? Then you can benefit from having your own personal Life Coach!

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