Your Life Coaching Sessions
Your Life Coaching relationship with Liberty is not to be considered as psychological counseling or therapy of any kind. Liberty says:

My answers and advice to you will be prayed about, carefully considered, and always aimed at guiding you toward knowing what God wants for you. All details, private conversations, e-mails, etc. will remain confidential. Following your sessions, brief e-mails and questions will be answered or at the least acknowledged, and always prayed for. I will pray for you before, during, and after our sessions every time the Lord brings you to mind. I will not judge you in any way regardless of what you wish to share. Iím completely interested in coaching you on how to:

Stop letting your past mess with your present
because itís been ruining your hope for your future!

I will give you honest feedback, challenge you with questions, and ask you to do certain assignments that might get into your comfort zones. Everything I suggest, question, or ask you to do will be done with love, respect, and occasionally a gentle boot from behind. I will not be disappointed with you if you are flying high one week and feeling doubtful, discouraged, and fearful the next week. Each state will help us find out what encourages you and what is still discouraging you. You can give feedback, ask for feedback, or explain that you donít think certain things are helping you at any time.

Libertyís Life Coaching Session Breakdowns and Fees
Your Life Coaching session will begin in this format, but can change at your choice:

  • 45-55% of the time spent on sharing your hopes, feelings, and fears (I will be asking some questions).
  • 25-30% of the time for my feedback and some advice (you can ask any questions you wish).
  • 15-20% of the time for me to pray for you and your concerns and your hopes.

Fee Schedule

  • $20 for 15 minute appointment
  • $30 for 30 minute appointment
  • $40 for 45 minute appointment
  • $50 for 60 minute appointment

Phone/Skype Information

I will phone you anywhere in the United States or in Canada. If you are located elsewhere, you may need to have Skype on your computer ( so I can call you Skype to Skype at no charge. If you cannot install Skype on your computer, there will be an additional charge for the phone call.

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